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Super Soaker CPS 3200

By: Larami Ltd. (2000)
Class:  Elastic

Super Soaker Monster XL

By: Larami Ltd. (2000)
Class:  Elastic  Hose

Super Soaker XP 110

By: Larami Ltd. (1998)
Class:  Air

Super Soaker MDS: Classic Series

By: Larami Corp. (1993)
Class:  Air

X-Stream: Super Cobra

By: Lanard Toys Ltd. (2003)
Class:  Air

Water Warriors Python

By: Buzz Bee Toys Inc. (2012)
Class:  Air

Nerf Super Soaker Freezefire

By: Hasbro Inc. (2014)
Class:  Piston provides a dedicated portal to the world of water warfare, water guns, water blaster, soakers, and soaking. Brands such as Super Soaker, Water Warriors, Nerf Super Soaker, X-Stream, and others are reviewed here. Our mission is to promote fun, exciting, yet safe water warfare for people of all ages. Leave NO one dry! -

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