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.: Limited statistics measured at



Manufacturer: Buzz Bee Toys Inc.

Class:  Piston

  Item Number: 01920
  Copyright Date / Release Date: 2007 / 2008
  Availability: No Longer Made


Basic Statistics ::

  Weight: 138.00 g (4.88 oz.)
  Reservoir Volume: 240.00 mL (8 fl.oz.)
  Pressure Chamber Volume: N/A
  Pump Volume: 4 mL (0.13 fl.oz.) Ratings .:

Power: N/A

Range: N/A

Encumbrance: 25

Ergonomics: 70

Capacity: 10

Overall: 50

Blaster Dimensions :: 38.0 cm (14.96 ") x 3.5 cm (1.38 ") x 12.0 cm (4.72 ")

Length x Width x Height

Version Colours .:



Pressure Chamber



1 ::

Black / Yellow

Nozzle Information: 1 .:


Range (level)

Range (45°)


iSoaker Output Rating

iSoaker Power Rating

Shot Time

Main ::








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The Water Warriors Hydro-Blast is a pump-action blaster with semi-realistic styling released in 2008 by Buzz Bee Toys Inc. The Hydro-Blast is one of the few more realistically styled, albeit smaller than actual, water blasters available from Buzz Bee Toys Inc. Leaning more towards realistic styling as opposed to performance, the Hydro-Blast's functionality on the water warfare field is more limited as is detailed below.

The Blaster ::

waterwarriors_2008hydroBlast_box06_100Nozzle ::

The Hydro Blast features a single nozzle setting powered by its piston-based pump. The nozzle, itself, is not particularly large and the stream produced is more akin to an enhanced Water Warriors Kwik Grip XL's stream as opposed to larger piston-based blasters like the Water Warriors Shark or Avenger. Granted, the Hydro-Blast is also significantly smaller in overall size compared to the Shark or Avenger.

waterwarriors_2008hydroblast_12_100Pump ::

The Water Warrior Hydro-Blast is pump-action with the entire front portion of the blaster moving back and forth when pumping. Pumping is simple, but pump stroke distance feel rather short. Consequently, the actual volume of water moved per pump is also on the low side. The pump grip, itself, is textured and comfortable to hold. Unfortunately, due to the position of the pump's intake, the Hydro-Blast does have a tendency to draw a little bit of air during pump strokes, resulting in sub-optimal stream performance.

waterwarriors_2008hydroblast_03_100Triggers / Grip ::

The trigger on the Hydro-Blast is strictly ornamental. The grip, however, has a good size and shape, accomodating all but the largest of hands comfortably. Overall, the mock trigger and the grip's shape makes it very natural to hold securely when pumping.

waterwarriors_2008hydroBlast_box08_100The Reservoir ::

The Hydro-Blast does not hold a great deal of water, but considering its limited pump volume, its reservoir does allow this blaster to fire many-a-time before running out of juice. The reservoir intake is located nearer to the rear of the blaster, thus the Hydro-Blast should be leaned slightly upwards when pumping to avoid drawing air into the pump shaft. If held in the right position, the blaster performs well, but if one is not paying as much attention, shots fired end up being partially misty.

The cap on the Hydro-Blast is a simple snap-on design. As it is tethered, this should prevent its loss. The snap-top aspect should also simplify refilling and should not present any significant problems while the blaster is in use. However, due to the less effective seal on this type of cap, leaking becomes a problem if a filled Hydro-Blast is left on its side for longer periods of time

Overall ::

As a whole, the Water Warriors Hydro-Blast is a decent, light, piston-based blaster. Its small size makes it actually quite easy to carry and conceal if needed. However, its size also comes with limited payload and stream power as well. Falling somewhere in-between pistol and true-blaster class water blasters, the Water Warriors Hydro-Blast may have some, though likely rather limited usefulness on the water warfare field.


Simple styling, clean lines, and good solid feel to the soaker. Good number of shots per full reservoir.


Piston-based; needs two-hands to operate; continuous streams not possible. Low output and low overall reservoir capacity. Snap-cap reservoir closure not as tight as screw-on caps. No strap.

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